Building Trades

two-year program

This program provides students with entry-level job skills in the construction industry. Students learn and practice construction theory, building codes, framing, cutting, shaping materials, mechanical fasteners, estimating materials, using a blueprint and installing basic electrical and plumbing. Upon completion of this 2-part course, students may earn a NOCTI credential.


one-year program

Students in this project-based, one-year program learn to master the tools and machines of woodworking. Students gain experience using hand tools, portable power tools, and machinery,  along with a variety of materials, including lumber, roofing materials, fasteners and hardware. Students develop the skills needed for rough framing, roof framing, and exterior and interior finish work. In addition, students will gain experience in blueprint reading, math, and estimating. Upon completion of this course, students may earn a NOCTI or SkillsUSA credential.


one- and two-year program

Experts agree that the demand for qualified welders is increasing rapidly, creating an opportunity for employment that is better than ever. Instruction includes basic oxy-fuel cutting and brazing, joints, defects, metal properties, basic shielded metal arc welding, basic gas metal arc welding, basic gas tungsten arc welding, blueprint reading and automated welding. This two-year program provides students with the opportunity to take the American Welding Society (AWS) certification test and a credential through SkillsUSA. (The pass rate for the 2023 certification test was 100%.)